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Piercing Aftercare

Always wash & dry your hands before touching your new piercing. Remove any dressing and clean the piercing twice a day using a fresh cotton bud and aftercare solution, saline or make your own solution of ¼ teaspoon of rock salt in 300ml of warm pre-boiled tap water. Pat dry with a clean tissue and DO NOT rub as this will irritate. Do not turn or twist piercings and only touch during cleaning.


Ear and facial piercings such as Ears, Nostril, Septum, Nostril, Eyebrow are easier to clean after a bath or shower. Wet a clean cotton bud with aftercare solution and soak around the piercing and jewellery to remove any dry blood or crust formation. When the area is clean, dry with a clean cotton bud and repeat this process 2 times a day.

For navels and nipple piercings these can be difficult to heal due to irritation from clothing and a lack of air to the piercing. Waistbands of trousers, skirts, underwear should be kept off your piercing at all times.  Try and avoid sleeping on your stomach as this can irritate the piercing.

Oral piercings

Such as Tongue, Lip. Oral piercings should be rinsed twice daily using an alcohol free mouthwash and should be used after everything you eat, drink or smoke until the piercing is fully healed. With all oral piercings there will be some swelling which is perfectly normal and the jewellery you have been pierced with will allow for this. Sucking on ice can help reduce the swelling.
For the first few days of your new piercing eating may be difficult especially with tongues. We advise you avoid hot spicy foods at this stage and only eat soft foods such as soup and work your way up to more solid foods.

When can I change my jewellery? A. Navel 6-9 months. Oral piercings 2-3 weeks or when the swelling has gone down. Everything else around 3-4 months. This are guidelines, if the piercing still feels sore after these times it may need more healing time. If you have any concerns please contact us, we are always happy to help!

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